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The Gyrotonic Expansion System®

The gyrotonic expansion system® improves your quality of life.

Through circular movements executed with rhythmic breathing, the method is like a kind of “moving meditation” which appeals to our physical and mental states.

This method develops strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination and body awareness and also stimulates the nervous system.

It will prevent, relieve, correct many muscular and joint aches and pain. It can help with problems related to growth, back pain, neck, legs, joints, sciatica and osteoarthritis.

It is a preferred method of movement for seniors, pregnant women and anyone recovering from a physical injury in sports or dance or daily life.

Through research and personal experiences, it is now recognized and endorsed internationally by many health professionals, dance and top athletes, as one of the most sophisticated forms of training and rehabilitation for performance.

Megan’s personal thoughts and approach to GYROTONIC®

It is for everybody!

I have had the opportunity to teach professional athletes, dancers, people with injuries, pregnant women, and men/women of all ages with various levels of fitness and a variety of physical issues.

I have three GYROTONIC® apparatus in my studio -- the COBRA®, the Jumping Stretch Board and Archway -- which are used in one-on-one sessions to create a series of movements designed especially for each person

I enjoy working with a wide variety of people at many different stages of life and abilities. It is gratifying to see progression in every person, sometimes quite dramatic!

The Jumping Stretch board and Archway are only also available at What Moves You in Calgary.


Jumping Stretch Board

  • Archway

  • Jumping Stretch Board

The Gyrokinesis Method®

Gyrokinesis® exercises are performed in standing, sitting and reclining positions. They fully engage the spine and pelvis through simple exercises.

These exercises mobilize the spine through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling movements. One works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular.

Fluidity is the key. Postures are not held for long periods of time. Instead, postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like dance or swimming.

These exercises will

Restore youthful flexibility and plasticity to the spine

Provide an entire body workout

Great for non-athletes, athletes, desk jockeys, old, young, injured, uninjured

Do not require any previous experience

Do not require any purchase of equipment

The group class format is economical

Megan Gole

Megan developed an interest for GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® when she was living in Montreal as a professional dancer, where she began taking regular sessions with Pascale Leonard, a Master trainer. From these sessions, Megan developed a passion for Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic and decided to become a trainer and make this her career. Megan achieved her Level I, under the instruction of Julio Harvath, the founder of Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic and has completed her Level 2 Gyrotonic training, Beginner Level 2 in Gyrokinesis, and Level 2 in Gyrokinesis.

Megan established her own studio called What Moves You in Calgary to begin instructing Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® and share her love for this unique physical training. She also holds her certification on the Jumping Stretch Board and Archway, both pieces of equipment can be found at What Moves You.

GYROTONIC® Instructor

Certified in 2011 in Level I, completed Level II in 2013, certified on Jumping stretch board in 2014

Owner of What Moves You

Offers private, semi-private and circuit GYROTONIC® sessions at What Moves You

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.


  • GYROTONIC® Private

    Book a Private Session

    $80 1 session
    $360/5 sessions
    $695/10 sessions
    $1295/20 sessions

    Special Introductory offer: The first session is free if you purchase a 5/sessions (or 10 / or 20/).

  • GYROTONIC® Semi-Private

    Book a Semi-Private Session

    $40 1 session (With 2 People)
    $35 1 session (With 3 People)
    $180/5 sessions per person

    *It is required that you do 2 to 3 private sessions before doing a semi-private. If you buy a 5 session card for privates, any remaining sessions can be transferred to the semi-private classes.

  • GYROTONIC® Independent

    Inquire About Independent

    $20 1 session
    $90/5 sessions OR $150/10 sessions.

    What Moves You offers independents as part of increasing your GYROTONIC® experience while saving money on regular practice. If independents are of interest, a program can be designed especially for you during your private or semi-private sessions. *Megan reserves the right to allow independent practice when she believes a client is ready to do so safely. **Continuation with occasional private or semi-private classes while doing independents is required in order to encourage progression and ensure safe practice techniques. How often this should occur will be recommended by Megan on an ongoing basis.

  • GYROTONIC® Circuit Class

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GYROTONIC® for?

It is for every body!
I have had the opportunity to teach professional athletes, dancers, people with injuries, pregnant women, and men/women of all ages with various levels of fitness and a variety of physical issues. The sessions are designed to meet your personal needs and goals.

Is it for athletes?
Many professional athletes use this method to compliment other training that they do. It helps in greater ease of motion, flexibility, strength and tone. It also gives a greater body awareness.

Is it for dancers?
The system was designed by Juliu Horvath who was a professional dancer. It used in Miami City Ballet, The National, The SanFrancisco Ballet and many others as a secondary part of training.

What is a Private Session?

A private session is a one on one session with a trainer where you have the chance to explain your needs and personal goals while integrating them into the GYROTONIC® system.

What is a Semi-private Session?

A semi-private session is when you have a class with one or two other people who are around your experience and physical ability level.

How much does it cost?

A private session is $80.

I have back problems will this help?

One of the benefits in the GYROTONIC® system is that it creates space in the vertebrae, while allowing the spine to lengthen and strengthen. This allows people with back problems to move with more ease and less pain.

Is there parking?

When you come to the studio there is paid parking out front through the City of Calgary the first hour is $2. There are also various 2 hour (free parking zones) on 14th and 15th avenues.

Where are you located?